Sugar, a sweet tooth at what cost?

There are some hidden truths behind the West’s love affair with cane sugar and sugar by products.

Sugar is widely available in Western countries and everyone loves a little sugary treat we all associate sweet things with special comfort moments: a piece of chocolate, a nice biscuit and coffee, a fizzy drink, ice cream, hot chocolate, chewing gum, breakfast cereals, jams, one lump or two in a nice cup of tea, and then what about all the hidden sugar in so called ‘savoury’ food, and fast food, products?

is it nature who nutures. Anothe blog from Buddha on a Bicycle

Is it Nature who nurtures?

I recently spent a few days visiting my mother at her home in the middle of the deepest countryside.  Although I arrived feeling stressed by the pressures of city life and extremely unwell with the effects of a severe chest infection, as the days passed I began to feel the tension and dis-ease tangibly drop away and although by the time I left I wasn’t completely physically cured,  I did feel quenched and renewed, both mentally and spiritually, fit again to tackle the demands of city life again.