Relationship Cords

Relationship Cord Healing We humans are living in groups, in families in close contact with other humans. Although solitude is sometimes refreshing, essentially we are tribal and flourish in company with others around us. This contact manifests in many different forms of relationships. Some are very nourishing and supportive, whilst others can be destructive and…

Essence Expansion – Core Star Healing

Essence Expansion-What is it??


This technique of expanding essence is the most deepest and profound journey that the energy healer can undertake with his client. It is sometimes called a Core Star Healing.

But I find it difficult to call it a healing, although the experience has most transformative and has deeply reaching effects. Most people expect to have some form of disease or illness before contacting an energy healer to assist with the physical problem.

What is Energy Healing and how does it work?

Basic Hands-On Healing

The basic hands-on healing is most often used for initial contact with the client. It charges the Human Energy Field with energy and removes the most recently acquired energetic blockages which are ready to be moved. The basic hands-on healing enables the healer to obtain a comprehensive picture of whole person and particular of the areas requiring deeper work.