WORKSHOP DETAILS:  Come and join us for this powerful Autumn Goddess and Sacred Sound Workshop, with Priestess, Sound and Shamanic Healer Lina Ramona Spyrou. As we enter the darker months of the year we will journey with Moon Goddesses Lilith and Cerridwen. ~ This workshop will include working with Energised Breath, Sound Healing, Vocal Toning…

The Heart of Tantra: The Hidden Path of Intuitive Healing

This unique four day workshop is a journey into the oral tradition of both eastern and western cultures. It regards healing, Spirit and the very fabric of reality.

We will unveil the hidden realities of Universal Laws and Healing. These will be presented and discussed to allow you to gain a profound understanding and depth missed by many modern trainings.

Essential Sacred Self

You are warmly welcome to join this opening workshop of 2016 which presents an exciting one-off opportunity to explore the wisdom and beauty of Goddess energy via the frequency of specific crystals.

26th March / at 11am – 4pm / £50

Goddess Consciousness is a way for everyone – man or woman to open your heart more fully and investigate the  Masculine and Feminine energy that you hold as an individual.  To aid bringing it into harmonious balance and set your energy on the path of your Pure Potential, your most Excellent Life, lived in accordance with your Soul Destiny, your I Am.

By balancing your Feminine and Masculine energies you initiate the Sacred marriage and instigate the birth of creativity, a force that is key to a happy, positive and active life.

We are delighted to welcome Nirmal back to Buddha on a Bicycle where she will be running her regular lunchtime Hatha Yoga class every Thursday from 1 – 2pm

Those who spend an hour with Nirmal can expect to experience the state of vibrant peace and to increase their vitality and balance on all levels and to leave the class feeling powerful, focused, relaxed and rejuvenated.  What better way to start the New Year!


Singing Bowls Sound Massage Workshop

One day workshop for anyone who would like to learn
Himalayan/Tibetan singing bowls sound massage, to treat friends, family and lovers; also for sound healers and massage therapists who are interested in introducing this treatment into their practice.

The workshop will begin with a brief introduction into sound healing and singing bowls, basic playing techniques and how to approach the bowls for healing, how to chose them and care about them. Then we will learn and practice how to give a singing bowls massage to another person.

Come and join my psychological walk

Come and join my psychological walk… down the yellow brick road

Sunday 27th September 2015 11am – 5pm

Click your heels and join my guided tour within your powerful feminine psyche.
Using Jungian theories and my dissertation subject of Dorothy’s Dream l will help you to discover and explore your Heart, your Brain and your Courage while learning to recognise The Trickster, The Wizard and The Humbug that can under-mind and sabotage you en route.

Meditation and a Path to Intuitive Development

Thursday, 3 September 2015

7:00pm to 9:30pm

Buddha on a Bicycle

27 Endell Street

Covent Garden, London WC2H 9BA


Listen to the still small voice within.

Learning to meditate is a process as is the development of intuition. Both are awareness practices. In the world we live in our innate abilities go unnoticed until we say, “I should have listened to my gut!”

In this workshop you will learn tools for meditation that will help with opening the mind to your intuitive faculties – inner seeing, sensing, and hearing. Meditation focuses and brings us calm and stillness. These are keys to listening and connecting to yourself with more depth and clarity.